Wellbeing Wednesday with Artem Luxe’s founder

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artem luxe maddi alexander wellbeing wednesday mulberry silk eye mask
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For this week's Wellbeing Wednesday, we caught up with Tani Smith, founder of Artem Luxe, a silk pillowcase and eye mask brand. From giving us an insight into why she started the business, to the benefits of her incredible products, she explains why you should choose to add a little silk into your sleep routine.


What inspired you to start the company Artem Luxe?

Sleep is so important for our wellbeing. I was previously living in Seoul, which is one of the world’s busiest cities: a never-ending bustle of energy and life, where sleep is a luxury. When I finally got to bed in the evenings, I wanted and needed it to be the most comfortable and relaxing place to be. Silk was by far the softest, most comfortable and breathable fabric for bedding that I could get my hands on. It promotes a deeper, better sleep as it is the closest fabric genetically to our own skin.

South Korea’s beauty culture also had a lot of influence. It is infamously knowledgeable and an international leader in the skincare world. I became obsessed with beauty products but found it hard to get my hands on organic products. So I tried to think of what other ways I could improve my skin naturally. Research showed that high quality Mulberry silk has beauty and health benefits! It’s anti-aging, anti-sleep crease, anti-bedhead, (I also used to battle with knotty hair before my silk pillowcases as I have curly hair), and hypoallergenic.

Mulberry silk was it! I needed to share what I had found with my friends and family. Artem Luxe grew from there to a brand that encourages improved sleep and boasts health and beauty benefits overnight internationally.


What would be your perfect evening bedtime ritual versus the reality?

My sleep is greatly improved by the use of essential oils. Lavender, Frankincense, Cedar-wood and Vetiver are great for encouraging sleep. I use a few drops mixed with Argan or Coconut oil on my temples and wrists. Finding organic essential oils is also important, as fake fragrances have proven harmful to breathe.

A National Geographic study recently stated that the blue lighting from electronics are one of the worst sleep disruptors. For your body to unwind and mind to relax, we need to be around a calm lighting. A book should replace electronics. I love to have a candlelit bath, it brings me down to earth and is deeply relaxing. It’s so important to make sure our bodies understand its bed-time. Hence many people believe watching the sunrise and sunset can help tune us into a more comfortable lifestyle. Most of us no longer reach deep sleep stages every evening, proving much harm to the body physically and also negatively effecting mental health.


How many of hours sleep do you generally need per night?

I love sleep and understand the importance of it, whether it may be for our bodies healing, our beauty or for our mental strength. I try to get at least 8 hours sleep. But life happens and sometimes we can’t help but get 5 hours. I feel that I’m cheating time with my Mulberry silk pillowcase, as it encourages sleep and helps with anti-aging which is one of the negative factors of not having enough sleep! Artem Luxe sleep mask also helps me have a longer sleep as it blocks out all the light but is gentle enough not to irritate my face or skin.


What time do you usually go to bed?

Your body clock naturally works around the sun and it’s best to get sleep before midnight. I’m sadly a night owl however and usually break this rule by getting to bed around midnight.


What time do you usually wake up?

I usually wake up around 8/9am. With a healthier lifestyle I’m waking up earlier. I find that everything is an influence. Exercise, healthy eating and a balance lifestyle encourage good sleep.


What is the first thing you do when you get up in the morning?

Slowly and ever so regrettably I take off my sleep mask. It blocks out all the light so if I don’t set an alarm I would never wake up. I have also begun stretching in the morning and it feels so good! It wakes up muscles and starts my day off with my body feeling ready for the day.


What is your favourite spa treatment?

I love having all and every type of facial. I have recently had one at Neal’s Yard Spa in Edinburgh, which is fantastic as they use their natural and organic products enriched with essential oils.

I used to battle with acne, due to the high pollution rates in Asia. I found that after my skin treatments or facials, my Mulberry silk pillowcase also was a benefit as it helped my skin to retain nourishment and moisture, plus helped my skin heal faster as silk is naturally anti-microbial.

After having eyelash extensions put in as well, the softness of the Mulberry Silk sleep mask protected my eyelashes and helped the extensions to remain in for a longer period.


Describe yourself in 3 words.

Explorer, forever curious.


What is your favourite way to relax?

I love the sound of water. Reading a book by the ocean or next to a river must be one of my favourite things to do.


What was the last book you loved?

I was delighted to find “The Skincare Bible” by Dr. Anjali Mahto. It’s such a helpful book for all skin types and was a great read.


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