Wellbeing Wednesday: Setting intentions for 2019

wellbeing wednesday maddi alexander resolutions for 2019

With Christmas creeping closer, and just after it, the New Year, we thought for this week's post, we'd reflect on our resolutions for the year ahead. Each year, so many of us set ourselves unrealistic goals, and feel disappointed when we fall short. In this week's post, we're looking at how you can set some intentions f0r 2019 that are easy to implement into your daily life, and how to avoid giving yourself unrealistic expectations for New Year goals! These are just some ideas, but feel free to leave comments below with your New Year's Resolutions!


1. Enjoying more time for yourself

We talked about this already in last week's post, but prioritising self-care is so incredibly important that we thought it was worth mentioning again. We all have times when it feels as though life is running 100 miles an hour and we just can't keep up. We suffer burn out, stress, anxiety. This year, let's set an intention to take more time out for ourselves - whether it's a 10 minute soak in the tub with some soothing bath salts, or a jog in the park. Listen to your body and feed it what it's craving. Trust us, it's good for the body and the soul.

2. Make the switch to more eco-friendly living

From ditching disposable plastics, to thinking buying less and reusing more, we all should be doing our bit for the environment. Buying less but better (like investing in a beautiful t-shirt from our friends at The White T-shirt Co) or switching to an eco-friendly coffee cup (like this one from the wonderful B Collective) are just a couple of easy ways to change your shopping habits - and it's great to take these little steps to living a more green life! 2019 is going to bring some big changes to Maddi Alexander, and we've spent a lot time thinking about how we can not only make our packaging more ec0-friendly but also offer customers a way of recycling too. Watch this space.

3. Make space for meaning

Life can feel like it revolves around work, but we promise you that balance and mindfulness are important to prioritise. Our first suggestion was to make more time for yourself, and we also think it's important to make space for mindfulness. Whether you need something to help you structure your time (and make space for the important things! And if you do, we'd suggest getting yourself a beautiful planner from the lovely folks at Ponderlily) or just making sure you book yourself into a yoga class once a week, do something that feeds your soul and helps you live more in the moment.

4. Declutter and donate what you don't need

We often think of winter as just a time for spending, but actually it's a great time to declutter your life a little and strip back what you don't need. Usually we might save this sort of practice for spring time, but just think how wonderful you'll feel entering the new year without the clutter and extra stuff you don't need. Whether it's tidying out your makeup drawer, or cleaning your closet and pairing down your wardrobe, it might seem like the last thing you want to do just before Christmas, but we promise you'll thank us for it when January comes and you feel like your life is organised! Think of it like a rebirth for the coming year. Plus you're doing your bit to support charities, which is always a wonderful thing to do at this time of year.

5. Healthy body means healthy mind

Healthy bodies and healthy minds go hand in, so as we leave 2018, let's think about how we can do more to nourish our bodies and adopt healthier lifestyles. This isn't about adopting some sort of crash diet or shedding festive weight. Think more, long term life changes. Maybe it's switching to organic meat and vegetables, cutting down on meat during the week and eating more plant-based meals, or trying to cook more and cut out processed food and ready meals. Or maybe it's more exercise based - taking up a new class, taking on Couch to 5k, or trying your hand at a new sport!


Whatever your intentions for the year ahead, above all we think it's important to be kind to yourself. Adopting new habits does take time and practice, so set yourself goals for 2019 and work hard to build them into your daily routine. The best way of changing your behaviour is repetition - so make sure you keep on trying!


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