Wellbeing Wednesday with Lisa from Core Body Management

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For this week's Wellbeing Wednesday, we caught up with Lisa Watson, director of Core Body Management, a company based in Newcastle who offer health and fitness services. Working with families, Body Core Management provides support in all aspects of nutrition, fitness, dance, childhood health, coaching and psychotherapy. We all know that a healthy body equals a healthy mind, and vice versa, but sometimes if you're not feeling very positive, it's easy to let health issues get on top of you. So this week, Lisa shared her secrets to getting in the right mindset for improving your health.


Wellness..... What really is it?

Mind and body connection.

You cannot have a healthy body without a healthy mind, we are not made that way. We can have a toned body that is still very unhealthy, we can be overweight and still relatively fit, however real wellness comes from inside.

When the gut works well so does our immune system (75%of which is from the gut) when our digestive system is working well we can absorb the vital nutrients and energy from our foods, when we exercise we eliminate stress, we build muscle and we reduce body fat (if done correctly) making us a fully working machine.

When we feel good mentally we are in a much better position to make good choices.

We feel better mentally when we eat good food, exercise and relieve stress.

My top 5 tips on getting the right mindset to improve health.

1 Eat well, never diet, eat whole foods your great grandmother could have sourced, limit, processed, fast and artificially enhanced “foods”

2 Move, exercise is scientifically proven to help reduce depression, anxiety and mental health problems.

3) Set a daily “win” list, what you did well that day, it puts you in a more productive state

4) Eliminate technology 3 hours before you sleep.electromagnetic stress interferes with sleep

5) Laugh, many of us when we feel low will isolate ourselves, get out with friends and do what you enjoy


To find out more about Body Core Management's training sessions and fitness/wellbeing services, or speak with Lisa, email l.watsoncbm@sky.com


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