Wellbeing Wednesday: 5 ways of improving your sleep habits

wellbeing wednesday ways to improve your sleep

Poor sleeping habits can really affect your wellbeing, so for this week's post, we're looking at how you can enjoy more restful sleep. It's well-known that good sleep improves your concentration and productivity, and that it's generally better for our health to get the right amount of rest every night.

Sleeping less than 7 hours per night is also shockingly linked to heart increased chances of heart disease and stroke! Plus bad sleeping habits are linked to depression and poor immunity, making us more likely to get poorly. And yet, so many of us struggle to get the correct amount of sleep - whether it's due to our own restlessness, stress or nocturnal habits that keep us awake.

This week, we thought we'd share 5 ways you can adopt a more healthy sleep pattern and get the forty winks you need to feel fresh in the morning!

Enjoy a relaxing, warm bath before bedtime.
Bed time baths are a wonderful way of getting babies and children to relax before they head to bed, so why not bring that back into your own routine? Run yourself a bath and add a few drops of luxurious bath oil with a calming scent, something like our Serene Bath & Body Oil to help you unwind with its lavender and geranium tones.

Try a pillow spray.
Pillow sprays can be a great way of training your body to recognise when it's time to go to bed. Our Pillow Sprays use aromatherapy by including a range of calming scents like lavender, to help your body relax and start to unwind. Simply spritz a little on your pillow (and eye mask if you use one!), lie back and inhale deeply, while the soothing scents help you drift off.

Switch your screen for a book.
Too many of us continue to play on our phones or watch TV in bed, despite the many warnings that they can interfere with our sleep! Try swapping your usual screen for a book instead, and implement a no phone rule at least an hour before bed time. You're much more likely to enjoy a deep and restful sleep!

Make sure that you're comfortable.
This one sounds a little silly but it's really not. The right support - either from your mattress or your pillows, can do wonders for helping you get the perfect night's sleep. Next time you get in bed, try and think about what would make you more relaxed? Maybe it's time for some new pillows or to change that mattress? Maybe you only want one pillow under your head instead of two?

Stick to a sleep schedule.
For most of us, repetition is what makes things stick and sticking to a sleep schedule can really help you to get into a proper routine and feeling tired at the right time. Make an effort to set a bed time that you can stick to - maybe one for the week and a little later for the weekend, and get your body into the rhythm of getting ready for rest.


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