Wellbeing Wednesday: The Benefits of Summer Baths

maddi alexander wellbeing wednesay benefits of summer baths

It's not a secret, we're a big fan of luxurious bath time rituals and most of our signature products are ones designed to enhance your bathing experience. There's nothing like sinking into a hot tub on a cold night but what about these balmy summer evenings? For this week's Wellbeing Wednesday, we thought we'd share some of the benefits of summer baths, and why you shouldn't reserve the ritual of taking a long soak in the tub to just the colder months of the year.

Reducing inflammation or bloating
When the weather is warmer, we're more prone to over-exposing ourselves and skin can become a little burned and inflamed as a result. Maybe if you're visiting somewhere with warmer climes, your skin may be suffering from irritation caused by insect bites. Taking a cooler soak in the tub can be perfect for reducing the sting of sunburn (or insect bites) and helping to calm inflammations.

Detox your system
During the summer, we often try to cram a lot into our already busy schedules. Whether it's trying to cram in as many holidays as our work allowance will afford, or simply trying to get through work faster to get out and enjoy those lighter evenings, we're working harder than ever to maximise the hours in our day so we can take some time off to enjoy ourselves. Taking a little time out to relax in a tub, particularly in water that's enhanced with some calming essential oils like our lavender and geranium Serene bath and body oil, can help you enjoy a little down time, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalised.

Easing aching muscles
While you're more inclined to be outside and enjoying the weather, if your summer routine involves being more active. Whether that's walking in the park or by the coast, or enjoying an afternoon of tennis, the physical exertion can leave muscles feeling tense and sore. And there's nothing better than to finish your day by soaking those aching muscles in soaking salts that contain Epsom Salts.


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