Wellbeing Wednesday with Nadira V Persaud: Summer skincare

wellbeing wednesday Maddi Alexander Summer Skincare

Nadira V Persaud, Make up Artist and Beauty Expert specialising in skincare.

Nadira’s philosophy is about enhancing natural beauty whilst focusing on lifestyle, to strike a balance between looking and feeling good.


Here comes the Summer!

Summer is officially here, for me its when the schools break up and the holiday vibes truly begin to resonate, but are you ready?  Have you packed your bodycare essentials?  Is your skin ready for summer?

Sun protection, without doubt, should be high on your list and lucky for us we’ve all had a few weeks of sunshine to practice the daily application of sun cream, though this doesn’t mean our skin is in it’s prime or geared up for tanning or better still – a long-lasting tan!

Most of us beauty geeks and gawkers know about exfoliating…yes, let’s grab our mitts, loofahs and body brushes to remove those last remaining scaly bits, which are often our elbows, knees and around the ankles.   After stage one of prepping is complete wear a broad spectrum high sun factor lotion or oil. The stage that most forget or don’t know it even exists but is the only easy way to take your post-holiday sun-kissed skin beyond baggage claim and into the realms of a post-post holiday tan and that’s simply moisturising your body.

Aftersun is a yes and a no from me.  Yes, to adding more moisture and no because I find it a bit  gimmicky; a marketing tool to get you to think you need a specially formulated lotion, when its clearly a body lotion with an alternative fragrance, possibly with an extra hydrating ingredient.   Though I do believe a hard-working body lotion is key which is why for me Maddi Alexander Serene Body Lotion ticks all the boxes of an aftercare option with calming and soothing lavender, ideal if you’ve been in direct sunlight a little too long plus as much as it locks in moisture post-shower the hydration levels remains, leaving skin so soft and silky.  This combination isn’t easy to find if like me you loathe the sticky feel, especially when the temperature never drops below 24 degrees – Maddi Alexander body lotion is a comfortable solution.  In addition to this, the Serene scent is exquisite and as part of our self-care era its important to wear a likeable fragrance that evokes a mood, in this case serenity.

If you suffer from very dry skin and never seem to get out of that slightly parched stage then try the Maddi Alexander Bath and Body Oil which absorbs into skin to leaving a lasting glow.  A reliable travel companion too as it tends cuticles as well as offer an incredible scent and increased hydration.

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!  And watch the tan hold out just that little bit longer.  If you’re lucky it might just last till your next holiday in the sun.


Nadira V Persaud is a highly sought after Make up Artist and Beauty Expert recognised for her distinct signature style and vision.

Visit her website here.


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