Wellbeing Wednesday: Summer essentials

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With the summer months and warm weather finally upon is, we're all thinking about summer beauty essentials. Whether you're travelling long-haul or staycationing, we thought we'd share some of our favourite hero products. Hard-working and available in the perfect size for travel, they're just what you need for your trip away.

Swimwear Wash
Whether you're planning a holiday by the beach or sticking to the pool, our natural swimwear wash is perfect for keeping your bikini or swimsuit in perfect condition. Made from only natural ingredients, our Swimwear Wash keeps swimwear looking its best while delicately scenting them with citrus and lime essential oils. Perfect for even the most delicate items, and in a convenient travel size, our natural travel laundry wash is perfect even for hand luggage only trips.

Body Butter
A rich blend of pure virgin coconut and avocado oils, our Body Butter is enriched with rejuvenating shea and muru muru butter to leave your skin hydrated and soft. Our generous 150ml tubs are a little too big for handluggage but this is a perfect addition for anyone travelling on a longer haul trip with checked bags. Apply liberally and enjoy the chunks of unmelted butter soak into your skin for nourished, moisturised skin.

Aromatherapy roll-on
Our Aromatherapy Roll-on is one of our favourite travel pieces. The perfect size for handluggage, they're alcohol free and enriched with natural essential oils, perfect for when you need a moment of instant calm. Apply to your wrists and pulse points to soothe pre-flight nerves or help you drift into a deep sleep for longer journeys.

Travel Laundry Wash
For those of us who like to travel light or want to re-wear favourite pieces during a trip, our Travel Laundry Wash is a life-saver! Made from only natural ingredients, is perfect for cleaning and refreshing clothes while you’re on the go, leaving them delicately scented with our rose, geranium and lavender blend. Like our Swimwear wash, its perfect for even the most delicate items and comes in a convenient travel size.

Pillow Spray
Travel can be very disruptive to sleep, especially when it comes to shifts in time zones, so our Pillow Spray can be perfect for ensuring a restful night's sleep. Designed to leave you feeling tranquil and help you unwind, simply spritz a little on your pillow and let yourself drift off into a deep and peaceful sleep.


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