Wellbeing Wednesday: Taking care of your skin with our top tips for summer-ready skin

Maddi Alexander Wellbeing Wednesdays Skincare Jade Roller
Maddi Alexander Wellbeing Wednesdays Soaking Salts Epsom Salt Benefits

With the warm weather fast approaching (hopefully), we're looking forward to bare legs and sunny days. Maybe your summer plans involve heading south for long lazy days under the Mediterranean sun, or maybe you're staying closer to home. Either way, now is the perfect time to get your skin primed and ready for the summer months. So this Wellbeing Wednesday, we thought we'd focus a little on skincare and getting that soft, hydrated skin in time for the sunshine.

1. Keep your skin hydrated

It goes without saying that our skin is at its best when it's properly hydrated. Dehydrated skin exaggerates fine lines and makes skin appear dull. It's easy to forget to drink plenty of water during the colder months, (trust us, we'd much prefer a hot chocolate or a cappuccino too!) but water helps to clear toxins which cause inflammation and blemishes, as well as transporting key nutrients and oxygen to the skin cells. The effect? Hydrated skin is more likely to glow and appear fuller and plumper, as the hyaluronic acid in your skin pulls in and holds the water. Trying carrying a reusable water bottle around with you at all times to remind yourself to keep hydrated.

2. Indulge in an Epsom Salt bath regularly

Epsom Salt is well known for its range of health benefits, thanks to its high mineral content. Naturally rich in magnesium and sulfate, bathing in a products containing Espom Salt, like our range of Soaking Salts, can help ease pain and inflammation, help improve circulation and improve your mood. A great way to unwind and relax your muscles after a busy day, Epsom Salts help promote healthy skin. And by adding a few drops of Bath & Body Oil, helps the salts act to hydrate and condition the skin. Perfect for when your skin is feeling a little dry and flakey after being covered up over the winter months.

3. Experiment with a gemstone roller

Gemstone rollers are one of the key beauty trends of 2018, and they don't show any signs of losing popularity any time soon! The most popular are those made from Jade or Rose quartz, stones which although differ in their properties, do share anti-ageing claims. Jade has long been considered a symbol of beauty, grace and longevity in Chinese society and has been used in rollers for centuries to prevent signs of ageing. Whereas, Egyptians believed rose quartz held anti-aging properties and it was thought that the Goddess Isis would gather rose quartz by the River Nile and use the stones to massage her face, keeping her skin clear and wrinkle-free! Whether you opt for a Jade roller, or Rose Quartz, these rollers help to reduce inflammation and puffiness in the skin, with their naturally cool, smooth texture. Both rollers aim to release toxins, improve circulation and even out skin texture, improving the skin's elasticity and promoting lymphatic drainage.

4. Condition your skin with a deeply hydrating moisturiser

It goes without saying that regularly moisturising your skin will help to keep your skin in its best condition. But by regularly opting for a deeply hydrating product, like our Body Butter, that's packed with shea butter and natural oils like avocado and coconut, you'll give your skin that extra conditioning it needs. Apply liberally after bathing or before bed and let the product sink in. For day to day, our Body Lotion is hydrating and fast absorbing - making it easy for you to use quickly after your morning shower! Perfect for those days when you have to just get up and go.

5. Choose healthy snacks that feed your skin

We all know that there are some foods better than others for our skin. Instead of your usual snack, trying opting for a little handful of nuts. Naturally rich in good oils and fatty acids, nuts are perfect for aiding skin repair and rejuvenation, helping improve skin's elasticity, lower inflammation and reduce breakouts. Watermelon is also well known for being lycopene-rich, helping reduce damage and redness from exposure to the sun, and preventing future wrinkles! Raw broccoli is also loaded with Vitamin C, giving it lots skin protecting benefits, and is said to improve fine lines and discolouration.


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