Wellbeing Wednesday with Samantha Coe: Looking after your wrists


We're firm believers in promoting both mental and physical wellbeing. Whether it's through mindfulness or a little yoga, we wanted to share a little more on our blog to help promote a happy, healthy mind. We're already helping you pamper your body, so what better way to add to that than helping you pamper the soul a little?

This week, we caught up with local Yogi, Samantha Coe, who shared some tips for looking after your wrists.

The hands and the feet contain so many tiny bones and joints, it's important to keep them fluid. As we get older, many of us develop wrist problems, so keeping the joints active and juiced up is important. So I thought I'd share three easy to anywhere yoga movements, designed to help take care of those little bones in your hands and wrists!

1.  Wrist Infinity
Interlace your hands and move your wrists in a figure 8. Repeat one way and then the other.

2.  Tie your arms in a knot
Take right arm over left. Turn the palms down to face each other, with your thumbs down and interlace fingers. Then, leading with the thumb draw the hands gently to your chest loop through and then away.  Enjoy and easy release.  Be gentle and wriggle your spine from side to side to soften tension in your upper back and shoulders.

3. Lotus flower
Rotate in circles opening like a lotus flower pressing little finger to little finger, thumb to thumb and heal of palm to heal of palm to make a lotus flower shape. Then, peeling the thumbs away from each other role the backs of the hands onto each other, pressing the backs of the hands together to gently ease your wrist.

For more information on Samantha Coe's yoga classes and retreats, head to her website or find her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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