Classic Candles

Our candles are made using ethical sourced natural soy wax, combined with natural, organic and fairly traded essential oils and cotton wicks to give you the purest product. The natural soy candle wax burns cooler, longer and cleaner without a soot built up.

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Amorous Classic Candle
A fragrance you can feel, warm, intense and so embracing. A blend of cedarwood, atlas, bergamot, clove. This woody aroma...

Eccentric Classic Candle
This gorgeous fragrance is the perfect way to warm embrace and indulge your senses. A delicious mix of fresh, spicy, ci...

Serene Classic Candle
A feminine, foxy and flowery fragrance which bestows a sense of calm and tranquillity. A fabulous classic blend of geran...

Frivolous Classic Candle
The perfect feel good invigorating fragranced candle. An uplifting and refreshing blend of Sicilian lemon, bergamot, sw...

Evocative Classic Candle
A vibrant intense sensual fragrance perfect for those long winter nights. A beautiful blend of Mexican lime, ginger, ci...

Revive Classic Candle
This cool and refreshing citrus fragrance offers the perfect pick me at up at anytime of the day. Blended with natural g...