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Bath & Body Oil

Hydrate, soothe and nourish your skin while you bathe with Maddi Alexander Bath & Body Oil. Created using an extravagant selection of African baobab oil, Kalahari melon and sweet almond oils, these entirely natural blends are the very essence of luxury.

Bath Soak

Deeply relaxing and wonderfully cleansing, our Bath Soak combines hand crumbled, cold processed soap with the naturally healing properties of oatmeal, cornflour, sea salt, powdered orange peel and Fairtrade Shea Butter with dried organic flower petals for added luxury.

Body Butter

Let nature care for your skin with our luxurious Body Butter. We have blended Fairtrade Shea Butter and Muru Muru butter with the purest Fairtrade virgin coconut and avocado oils to create this wonderfully scented product.

Soaking Salts

Bathe away the worries of the day with our nurturing and invigorating Soaking Salts. This blend of mineral rich sea salt and Epsom salts will purify your skin and stimulate cell regeneration. whilst the essential oils will encourage fatigue and tension to simply melt away.

Classic Candles

Our candles are made using ethical sourced natural soy wax, combined with natural, organic and fairly traded essential oils and cotton wicks to give you the purest product. The natural soy candle wax burns cooler, longer and cleaner without a soot built up.

Body Wash

An intensley nourishing and naturally luxurious Body Wash 

Fragrance Diffusers
Home Essentials

Naturally Nourishing Hand Wash & Hand Cream are home essentials and infuse your surroundings with our 100% natural fragrance natural room spray. 

Natural Pillow Spray

Maddi Alexander Pillow Sprays are made from 100% natural ingredients with beautiful blend of high grade essential oils and have been carefully designed to help you unwind, relax and encourage a restful night's sleep.

Beauty Balm

This intensely rich beauty balm is perfect for nourishing those areas in need of a little TLC. Massage into ankles, knees,elbows and cuticles to nourish, restore and revive.

Travel Candle

Maddi Alexander scented candles are hand poured in England using a eco soy wax combined with a bespoke blend of pure essenstial oils.The natural aroma will gently infuse surroundings giving of a sense of well being and serentiy.

I'm staying in tonight

Maddi Alexander have created a wonderfully compact beauty box to give you the perfect night in of 'me time' pampering

Swimwear Wash

Maddi Alexander Swimwear wash is uniquely formulated to prevent harmful effects of chlorine, salts and sunscreen

Naturally beautiful ingredients blended with citrus and lime essential oils 

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Travel Laundry Wash

Maddi Alexander Travel wash is uniquely formulated to gently and effectively clean your delicates and clothing whist travelling.

Naturally beautiful ingredients blended with Rose Geranium & Lavender essentail oils 

Body Lotion

An intensely nourishing and naturally luxurious body lotion.

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Serene Roll On

Calming essential oil pulse point roll on.

Perfect for those moments of stress, worry & anxiety.

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