A feminine, foxy and flowery blend of geranium and lavender. This beautiful mix will make sure you are left feeling tranquil and relaxed. Renowned for its de-stressing properties this floral fragrance can help encourage relaxation and sweet dreams.

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Serene Classic Candle
A feminine, foxy and flowery fragrance which bestows a sense of calm and tranquillity. A fabulous classic blend of geran...

Serene Bath & Body Oil
A floral, feminine fragrance, promising relaxation and sweet dreams. Our intensely feminine floral Serene Bath & Bod...

Serene Bath Soak
This deeply relaxing bath soak combines hand crumbled cold processed soap with oatmeal, cornflour, sea salt, p...

Serene Soaking Salts
This blend of mineral rich sea salt and Epsom salts will purify and restore your skin and can help stimulate cell regene...

Serene Body Butter
This naturally hydrating absorbent butter with restore and sooth whilst the Serene fragrance evokes a sense of calmness ...

Serene Pillow Spray
Maddi Alexander Pillow Sprays are 100% natural, free from any preservatives and alcohol and are lovingly made with a bea...

Serene Natural Aromatherapy Room Spray
Fragrance your surroundings with this relaxing natural room spray. Maddi Alexander room sprays are 100% natural and are...

Serene Flower Diffuser
This indulgent Maddi Alexander Flower Diffuser has been lovingly designed to infuse your surroundings with a delicate sc...

Serene Body Wash
Indulge your skin with this intensely nourishing and naturally luxurious Serene Body Wash. It is deliciously rich and ou...

Serene Body Lotion
An intensely nourishing and naturally luxurious Serene Body Lotion.It's deliciously rich but absorbs easily into the ski...

Serene Aromatherapy Roll-on
Calming essential oil pulse point Roll-on therapy. Perfect blend to relieve moments of worry, stress and anxiety  ...